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My Hope In Marriage is dedicated to providing information and resources that are designed to help you have a happy marriage.  So many people are miserable in their marriage for whatever reason.  They have fallen out of love and hang on only because of the children or religious beliefs.  However, a bad marriage has a negative effect on a couple, which feeds the bad marriage even more.

I have been married for over 30 years and during that time I dedicated myself to learning as much about the marriage relationship as I could.  I wanted to resolve some issues that I encountered at the very beginning of my marriage, so I began educating myself about marriage.  So I bring to you 30 years worth of knowledge to help you develop a happy marriage.


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Recent Posts

How To Handle a Sexually Immoral Sexless Marriage

I read a very interesting article today (at the time of this writing) about withholding sex in a marriage.  The article discussed the problems and consequences of a sexless marriage. I’ve read many articles over the years about a sexless marriage and have...

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Cell Mates To Soul Mates

Watch the accompanying video of this post (about 31 minutes) Is your spouse your cell mate or soul mate?  In other words, do you have an intimate relationship with your spouse or is your relationship merely functional? Evaluate the typical days in your relationship. ...

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Marriage Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Marriage doesn’t have to be complicated even though many times it is thought to be. Marriage takes work and dedication, but it doesn’t have to be an academic affair. In this article, I present some insight into developing a good marriage naturally without all of the complication.

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Stories to Illustrate Truth

The Path to Infidelity

The Twisted Path To Infidelity – Part 2: The Cookout

Why would a man cheat on his wife? Follow the story of Calvin and Melissa to see possible reasons why a man would cheat on his beautiful wife. This is part 2 of our story, which takes place at a cookout they were having. See what happens when a guest shows up that causes heads to snap and necks to break.

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The Twisted Path to Infidelity – Part 1

This is part 1 of a story that presents a solid truth in marriage relationships. This is the story of Calvin and Melissa and how Calvin ended up on a twisted path to infidelity that, at least in his mind, was fueled by the perceived infidelity of his wife. Learn how to protect yourself and your marriage from Calvin’s plight.

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Product Recommendations

Here are some books that I have purchased years ago and highly recommend for improving or developing a great marriage.  I particularly highly recommend, “Men, Love & Sex” as well as “His Needs Her Needs.”


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The Available Resources on This Website

Blog Articles

I will share with you many blog articles about my thoughts, experiences, things I learn, and more.  So, stay tuned.

My Thoughts

I will also provide my thoughts on various topics, especially those that pop up in the news or online.  Here I will share my experience by applying it to a particular topic for your review.

Sex and the Sexes

Sex is a huge part of the marriage relationship so I will pull no punches and talk about sex. I will also talk about the differences between the sexes (of course from a man’s perspective)


You will have access to videos that I create to discuss various topics relating to marriage.  These are designed to give a more personal touch between me and you.


I will also make products available to you to purchase either from me or an affiliate partner.  Again, these are designed to help you grow or save your marriage and at the same time fund this project.

Questions & Answers

I will post the answer to questions that I receive after de-identifying them.  So, your questions are safe with me.

Marriage Problems?

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right.

It Takes One To Get It Started.

Got a Question?

Feel free to send me your question and I will do my best to answer you.  Keep in mind that I am not a trained marriage therapist or the like.  However, I am willing to share my knowledge and over 30 years of marriage experience with you to help you get answers.

– Reggie

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