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This website is my personal ministry designed to help couples obtain and maintain a happy marriage and happy married life.  The resources on this website covers topics such as marriage, self-improvement, technology (as it applies to the household), and much more.

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What’s Positive About Your Spouse?

Complaining Sometimes we can get so focused on the problem that we neglect to glean any positives that may exist in a situation.  It is easy to complain about your spouse and bring up all the problems that you have with him or her.  That list may even be exhaustive...

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How Married Couples Drift Apart And How To Prevent or Fix It

There are many things that can slowly cause a married couple to drift apart. As the years go by, they may one day realize that intimacy has gone and that they do not have the marriage that they thought they would have. I present the reasons that this can happen along with ways to fix it.

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How To Be Successful In Business

IntroductionWe expect to be successful when we start a new business.  A married couple expects their new business to help bring them the things they dream about for themselves and their growing family.  We expect financial freedom, the ability to go on...

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How Should Married Couples Manage Their Finances

IntroductionFinancial management is one of the areas that married couples fight about the most.  The conflict involving finances may be exacerbated if the husband and wife have different and even incompatible views of managing money or if one or both are...

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How To Know Who You Should Marry

Introduction Marriage is a serious undertaking and something that will significantly affect the rest of your life.  Therefore, it is imperative that you do all you can to choose the “right” person to marry.  That right person is totally determined by you. ...

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What You Can Do While In A Bad Marriage

Many challenges can occur during the course of a marriage relationship, causing the marriage to become a bad one. What should you do when you find yourself in a bad marriage? I provide some things that you can do while you are in a bad marriage as you continue to pursue a happy one.

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Why Men Pull Away From Their Wives

Introduction I remember when my wife and I were dating in college that sometimes she would say to me, “You seem distant.”  I’ve read many articles and observed many situations where the husband has pulled away from his wife.  Why does this happen.  What...

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How a Timid Spirit Can Ruin Your Marriage

Someone who operates within a marriage with a timid spirit can destroy that marriage. The timid spirit can ruin a marriage as conflict is never resolved causing tension to grow between them. Al is not lost. Read to discover what you can do about it.

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What a Man Wants – A Different Perspective

This post presents a different perspective of what a man wants in marriage. We will focus not so much on what he wants his wife to do, but rather what he wants to do. In the end, a powerful principle is presented for you to think intently about.

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