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This website is my personal ministry designed to help couples obtain and maintain a happy marriage and happy married life.  The resources on this website covers topics such as marriage, self-improvement, technology (as it applies to the household), and much more.

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Minister to Your Spouse

Minister to Your Spouse

When was the last time you ministered to your spouse, encouraged your spouse, or otherwise tried to help your spouse feel better during a challenging situation? This article highlights the importance of ministering to your spouse and some ideas on how you can do it.

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How Married Couples Drift Apart And How To Prevent or Fix It

How Married Couples Drift Apart And How To Prevent or Fix It

There are many things that can slowly cause a married couple to drift apart. As the years go by, they may one day realize that intimacy has gone and that they do not have the marriage that they thought they would have. I present the reasons that this can happen along with ways to fix it.

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How To Be Successful In Business

How To Be Successful In Business

Introduction We expect to be successful when we start a new business.  A married couple expects their new business to help bring them the things they dream about for themselves and their growing family.  We expect financial freedom, the ability to go on vacation...

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Feel free to send me your question and I will do my best to answer you.  Keep in mind that I am not a trained marriage therapist or the like.  However, I am willing to share my knowledge and over 30 years of marriage experience with you to help you get answers.

– Reggie

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