You may have heard the stories of the praying grandmother or the praying mother for her children. There seemed to always be more women in church than men when I was growing up.  Women seemed to participate more in spiritual things, especially the things having to do with the sanctity of the family.  If Martians were to observe human behavior for a while, then they would probably assume that the women were more spiritual than men, and that may be true to some extent.

Women endure many things, especially the discrimination placed upon them by men who believe that the male is the stronger sex.  When I was growing up, women were not allowed to stand in the pulpit, teach other men, have authority over men, and other such discriminatory and unchristian practices placed upon them by religious men in the name of God.  I assure you ladies, God had nothing to do with oppressing you because of your gender nor limiting you in your service to him.  I believe that a woman can do anything she sets her mind to.  See my article, “The Place of Women” for a detailed look at women in ministry, life, and the church.

The Power of Women

I believe that this world would be a much worse place if it were not for women praying behind the scenes for their children, husbands, friends, etc.  I’d like to focus on the praying wife for her husband. Ladies, please understand that many men know the strength and power of a woman because we rely on you to help us, encourage us, bless us, comfort us, and pray for us. We need your prayers because we need your help.  Every man who wants to do the right thing and be a good husband needs a praying and supportive wife beside him (wives were meant to be by their husbands’ side, not behind him).

Now here is where the real power exists when the wife prays for her husband.  She not only goes into her secret closet and prays for him, she also prays for him, with him, and over him.  For example, if he is sick, then she lays hands on him according to Jesus’ teachings and expects him to recover from his ailment.  She prays for him as she is with him, which not only moves heaven, so to speak but also demonstrates her care and concern for her husband. 

Engaging The Husband to Pray

It’s a wonderful thing when a man opens his heart just a little bit to his wife and she responds by taking it seriously.  Men won’t come right out and spill their guts, but rather we will put a little bit out there to test the waters to see if it is safe to be vulnerable.  If the wife does not respond or otherwise don’t engage, then we will assume that she doesn’t care and then clam up and become distant so that we can deal with our issues on our own.  However, if the wife engages with what is said and responds by querying her husband about it, or praying about it, or just to encourage him that everything will be ok, then husbands will feel that much better.

The simple act of a wife engaging her husband when he tells her something is a sign to him that she really cares about him as a person and not merely as the handyman around the house so to speak.  She respects him enough to engage him about his concerns.  She loves him enough to help him cope with them and to be there just for support.  Men don’t admit it, but sometimes we need a shoulder to cry on so to speak.  It’s good if a husband knows it is safe to open up to his wife when he is distressed and vulnerable.

Pray for Each Other

I have heard many times growing up, how a wife prays for her husband to one day come to church and accept Jesus as his savior.  I don’t think I have ever heard stories of a man praying for his wife to come to Jesus so to speak.  I’m sure that has happened, but it shows how spiritually powerful women are.  Husbands need a praying wife beside him to help him cope with the pressures of life.  Therefore, the wife needs the husband to pray for her and support her as she deals with, not only the pressures of life but also the discrimination against her because of her gender.  Together, the husband and wife can trek through life victoriously as they hold each other up in prayer and support.

Life and Prayer

Prayer affects all areas of our lives and especially our marriage. We need prayers to cope with the challenges that come from being joined to another human being, in addition to the other challenges of life, like the job or business. It is a wonderful thing when the husband and wife come together for prayer and to minister the word of God to each other.  It is said that a man could cope with the “boss from hell” if he knows that he is going to have sex with his wife when he comes home or that it is the day of the week when she’ll be waiting for him in lingerie.  However, of much more benefit than merely having sex with his wife, is knowing that his wife is supporting him, lifting him up in prayer, and doing all she can to help him cope.

Men owe much respect, love, and appreciation to the efforts and effects of praying wives. This world would be much worse if it were not for the prayers of women and wives for their husbands. Remember that women are the crown of God’s creation. Women were given dominion over God’s creation with the man.  She was taken from his side to be with him as his helper.  Thank God for praying women…praying wives!


It is critical that a wife prays for her husband and not only in her secret closet so to speak.  She should openly pray for him when the opportunity avails itself.  She should hug him, hold him, touch him, or whatever is appropriate and speak words of encouragement over him, pray for him, or feed him the word of God to help him deal with whatever issue he is going through.

Husbands need the support of their wives.  Recall that God created the woman to be the helper and companion for the man.  Therefore, the woman is in her proper and ordained place in marriage if she is helping her husband and truly positioning herself as his companion.  Great marriages are forged by togetherness!  A great marriage involves the wife praying for her husband as he strives to complete the vision that God has given you both.

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