Would You Like the Perfect Gift for Your Spouse? Get Them a Love Book!

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 My Love Book CoverLet me tell you about a wonderful gift idea for your spouse.  However, this gift can be used for anyone (mother, father, brother, etc.)

I wanted to give my wife something to show my appreciation for the things she has done for me, especially in the last few months.  I thought about giving her flowers (the standard gift for wives), but I decided that they were not permanent enough.  I would spend money on something that would last only several days.  I then thought about giving her a custom plaque, but just couldn’t decide on which one or what kind.

One day I was working on some business tasks in my home office.  I was going over my affiliate accounts and came upon the “Love Book.”  Why didn’t I think of this before?  The Love Book is a customized book that you create online for your spouse, mother, father or anyone you want to give one to.  The Love Book is a fantastic idea, especially if you don’t know what words to use.

How it Works

First, you customize the lovemoj character (their spin on emojis) to look like you (as a kind of charicature). You then select the perfect cover for your book.  Now the fun begins.  You create and personalize each page of your book telling your love store.  In my case, I created a Love Book to tell my wife how much I appreciated her.

You can create a love book for your spouse’s anniversary, birthday, to tell a story, or whatever you want.  There are some premade pages that you can use.  It will use your emojis as the characters in the book.  It’s great!  It is easy to create and very affordable.


From My Love Book to my Wife