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My Hope in Marriage is dedicated to helping you build a fulfilling and happy marriage. The insights you will find here are from over 32 years of marriage and studying marriage. You are welcome to send questions or comments to help edify others.

Have Fun With Your Spouse!

Have Fun With Your Spouse!

This article makes the point that a husband and wife should have fun together, which is part of what it takes to ...
Honesty in Marriage

Honesty in Marriage

This article highlights the importance of being honest with your spouse, even if it is something tough to say.
Husbands Want More Than Sex

Husbands Want More Than Sex

This article discusses the fact that men want more than sex from their wives. Many think that if a wife has sex ...

Words of Wisdom

Sexual Intimacy

Sexual intimacy in a marriage is critically important and should never be neglected.

Work at Marriage

Like anything else in life, if you want a happy marriage then you must put in the work. A happy marriage requires work.


Never expect your spouse to be the person you want them to be nor attempt to change them. Allow them to be who they are.

What Happens to Love in Marriage?

What Happens to Love in Marriage

Get your free copy of What Happens to Love in Marriage? Learn the path that love takes in a marriage and how you can nurture it to produce the loving, happy, and fulfilling marriage that you want to have.