Our Privacy Policy

This website address is www.myhopeinmarriage.com

Your privacy is important to me and I work hard to ensure that the little information that I do get from you is safe.  This website only captures your name and email address using forms or in comments.  The only other information that is collected is that which is common to any website, such as your public IP address, browser, operating system, etc.  No personal information is collected nor can be.

I do not share any information you provide through this website with anyone and never will.  Your name and email address, that you provide through either a comment or a contact form, is only used for me to contact you for promotions, alert of new content available, and to provide you with free resources.

I do use a third party email system for auto responses and email blasts.  Your name and email are stored in their system.  I use Aweber for my email service and they also do not share any information with others.  They only act as a repository for contact information for the purpose of emailing.