Welcome to “My Hope in Marriage.”  This is a platform for me to share my thoughts, knowledge, insight, and resources about marriage.  I was married to my wife, Carla, for over 30 years as of 2018. A lot has happened since the wedding day.  We have experienced many trials and triumphs.  I have constantly educated myself about the marriage relationship because from the very beginning, I wanted to have a very happy and fulfilling marriage.

As a Christian minister, I have had the privilege of speaking to many people over the years about marriage.  I also frequent marriage forums online where I discover the real issues that married couples constantly face.  Therefore, the information and insight provided on this website are real, some coming from what I’ve learned and observed from others, and some from my own marriage. 

I hope that you find the resources available on this website helpful.  Always feel free to contact me if you have a question or comment.  I am hear to help you as much as I can. visit often as I will be adding new content, resources, and products regularly.  God bless you always!